Nikita Yakunin

Senior Frontend Developer | React, TypeScript, Go


HelloFresh SE

Senior Frontend Engineer

Berlin, Germany

Jun 2024 - Present

Delivery Hero SE

Senior Software Engineer

Berlin, Germany

Aug 2022 - May 2024

  • Led a team of 5 engineers maintaining ~15 internal applications
  • Conducted research in mono-repo architecture, implemented it for the team and trained the team on it. Implemented all the necessary CI/CD pipelines and other processes using GitHub Actions
  • Developed and integrated an i18n architecture for the team, which was later adopted by other projects
  • Managed the migration to an internal design system for several teams, by developing a domain specific abstraction layer
  • Migrated an old PHP application to a new React app in tight deadlines


Software Engineer

Moscow, Russia

Mar 2020 - May 2022

  • Proposed and migrated several projects to TypeScript
  • Conducted research and implemented new order management system (OMS) for internal support using React, Redux, TypeScript and micro-service architecture.
  • Migrated OMS backend from PHP to Go, thus improving performance and maintainability
  • Improved processes by introducing API driven UI, thus improving onboarding speed for new order types
  • Hosted workshops on Micro Frontends and TypeScript
  • Mentored junior frontend developers

Fullstack Developer

Moscow, Russia

Nov 2020 - Feb 2022

  • Full website rewrite using Next.js, TypeScript, React from PHP
  • Up to 10x performance improvement


Go Development Bootcamp

Yandex Practicum


Feb 2023 - Jul 2023

Web Development Bootcamp

Yandex Practicum


Feb 2019 - Jan 2020

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics

Higher School of Economics

Moscow, Russia

Sep 2017 - Jun 2021